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The Book


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Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations
A Doctor’s Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences and Universal Energy


To my mother Dr. Alberta B. Turner, my father John Grant Turner and to President Barack Obama



As a physicist and surgeon, Dr. John Turner’s curiosity drove him to explore nontraditional healing modalities. Other-worldly events began the first day he was on call on the Big Island of Hawai’i. As time passed, he realized that a book was in the making, a book about his spiritual journey which included methods of healing and spiritual pathways not customarily taught in medical training programs. These techniques include the practice of Johrei (Mr. Mokichi Okada’s healing art of Japan), chanting, soul travel and astral projection (as espoused by Eckankar, Robert Bruce and others). Many readers will have an interest in or will be familiar with the concept of Remote Viewing (as developed by Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Russell Targ at the Stanford Research Institute). Dr. Turner describes his training in Technical Remote Viewing by Psi Tech (Major Ed Dames and Ms. Joni Dourif) and the subsequent use of this art in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations reveals how metaphysical events such as remote viewing, telepathy, consciousness and life-after-death are demonstrations of the manner in which the human brain interfaces with the universal energy.

Important topics covered in the book include:
Dealing with critical illness
Understanding brain injury
Eastern religion and complementary medicine
Precognition and remote viewing
Metaphysical manifestations including astral projection, near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences
Life after death
The unusual characteristics of Light
Theories of consciousness and the seat of the soul
To have free will and if so, how much and how free?
How to tap the inexhaustible field of universal energy in everyday life’s conditions




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Foreward by Robert Spetzler, M.D.
Divine Intervention – God Giveth, God Taketh Away
Welcome to Paradise
The Mysterious Case of Mrs. Dahm Luk
Soul Travel
The Tree of Life
The Power of Chanting
The Temple in Man
Bullet in the Brain
A Man of Light
Mr. Sugitan’s Christmas
Called To Say I Love You
The Angel in the Light
Remote Viewing
The Scripter
Into the Light
Medical Remote Viewing – Medical diagnosis
Now and Zen
Appendix – The Mind
Further Study




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Chapter 1: Divine Intervention – God Giveth, God Taketh Away

Two cases are presented which cause the author to ponder the existence of God and the energy field. After nearly losing a patient during surgery, his silent prayer to God appears to have been answered when the patient miraculously survives. However, just when Dr. Turner feels he has found peace and understanding, a young patient inexplicably dies, challenging Dr. Turner’s newfound faith in the existence of a traditional God. He continues his search for the reason such seeming inexplicable events occur.


Chapter 2: Welcome to Paradise

The author’s first neurosurgical case in Hawaii is hampered by the lack of a CT scanner and the availability of only a few crude instruments. As a result, he experiences “dream contact” by a patient who is not only comatose, but legally brain dead. He learns about the Hawaiian belief in the afterlife from the patient’s father, who came to Hawaii after the patient’s eventual death to deliver the message that the never-ending spirit lives on after physical death. This event causes Dr. Turner to launch a study of near-death-experiences (NDE) and out-of-body projection (OBE) to further investigate the enigmatic question of the continuance of the spirit beyond the body’s physical death. He senses that there may be an ongoing source of energy that allows such contact

Dr. Turner is participates in a patient’s care and has the opportunity to witness a verified malignant brain tumor disappear after treatment which included a blend of Western medicine with Eastern treatment in the form of elimination of karmic retribution. An eye-opener for Dr. Turner, he is motivated to explore the nature of the mind-body connection and adjuncts or alternatives to standard Western medical treatment.


Chapter 3: The Mysterious Case of Mrs. Dahm Luk

As Dr. Turner’s spiritual path unfolds, he sees his first case of non-traditional methods used to treat a malignant tumor. It is a demonstration of how karmic retribution may play a role in illness and how resolution of a karmic debt may allow healing to occur. It suggests that the workings of the spiritual world are available for anyone to explore and utilize. This patient’s experience spurs Dr. Turner to continue his study of the soul, sprit and dis-ease.


Chapter 4: Soul Travel

The author’s previous interest in astral projection is stimulated by a seemingly chance meeting with a neighbor. He devotes one year to the study of Eckankar, the ancient science of soul travel. He is able to incorporate lucid dreaming, various electronic devices and the pioneering footsteps of others to learn how to contact the unseen dimensions of universal energy. When he is unsuccessful with structured attempts to escape from the body, he seeks other methods to explore the astral plane. In the next chapter, the author finds a path to enlightenment that seems made for him.


Chapter 5: The Tree of Life

During a conversation with a friend and colleague, Dr. Turner learns of The Tree of Life and a suggested method to take control of life’s course. He is advised to give up trying to force the out-of-body experience and seek enlightenment instead. He is taught that enlightenment is a state that will allow such events to occur naturally and without effort. As if pieces of the puzzle were sliding into place, he encounters an Eastern religion that teaches how to burn off accumulated negative karma. More important, this religion claims to have the written instructions to enlightenment on a sacred scroll. All that’s required is to follow them implicitly. In the next chapter, Dr. Turner describes his amazing experience when doing so.


Chapter 6: The Power of Chanting

One full year is devoted to what has been called an evangelic sect of Buddhism, the practice of devotion to the Lotus Sutra and the chanting of “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo,” as taught by the thirteenth-century Buddhist priest, Nichiren. Dr. Turner concludes that the associated paraphernalia and dogma are not needed to achieve a state of mental clarity. It is a matter of one’s mind connecting with the “universal field.” He is poised on the edge of astral travel without realizing it. This intense study of Buddhism was required to prepare him for his firsthand experience of the field of universal energy.


Chapter 7: The Temple in Man

Dr. Turner appears to a patient in a dream and delivers to her a medical diagnosis that eventually saves her life. The patient had a strong connection with ancient Egypt and the author suspects that his ka (intellectual and physical spirit) may have effected the communication on the astral plane. This is his first hint that a plan exists for us all, a chart through life that is followed, just as an actor follows a script.


Chapter 8: Bullet in the Brain

The author speculates on how our life is planed, from birth to death. A singular case seems to flow according to a script. This case prepared him to meet someone claiming to have direct knowledge of such plans. He is called “The Man of Light” – Mokichi Okada.


Chapter 9: A Man of Light

Dr. Turner is introduced to Johrei (the Medical Art of Japan) and the Eastern philosophy of Mokichi Okada. He integrates the Eastern healing technique, Johrei, into his western neurosurgical practice. After this, he will be privy to medical miracles and many mystical events. The experience strengthens the support for his theory than a universal energy source is responsible for these miracles.


Chapter 10: Mr. Sugitan’s Christmas

After returning from Japan, Dr. Turner begins to utilize alternative medical techniques including Johrei, use of spiritual light energy, for a case felt to be unsalvageable. A patient with a rare type of hemophilia and on a blood thinner for his heart, collapses from a large spontaneous brain hemorrhage and is felt to be beyond hope for recovery. Dr. Turner is asked to treat the patient and it is his chance to first blend Eastern with Western medicine with a spectacular result.


Chapter 11: Called To Say I Love You

Johrei is put to the test in the case of a young patient who had sustained a serious brain injury. Attending physicians felt that this patient had little chance for survival and suggested to his mother that the boy was a candidate for organ donation. However, this is Dr. Turner’s third encounter with the patient and gives credence to the Japanese adage “Sandome no shojiki.” Roughly translated, this means “the third time individuals meet is of enormous significance.”
This remarkable case not only involves spiritual/electromagnetic radiation in the form of light emitted from the palm of the hand, but also light in the form of a vision that appears to the patient’s father, then thousands of miles from the site of his son’s surgery.
Was it the administration of Johrei that caused the observed light or was it Dr. Turner’s ka delivering a message of hope to the father? Dr. Turner discusses his conclusion that this is yet another manifestation of our ability to interact with the Zero Point Field.


Chapter 12: The Angel in the Light

This is a profoundly moving episode involving an angelic apparition of light that appears to one of Dr. Turner’s patients. It occurs on the morning she sustains a large intracranial hemorrhage. The light-connected event turns out to be a forewarning of her imminent death, and the patient correctly interprets the spirit as a sign that she is being called by a higher power. Because of this warning, she is able to make peace with her family and friends before her physical death.
Although Dr. Turner operates on the brain hemorrhage, his patient does not survive. Within the first few postoperative days, she is judged to be “brain dead” and her physical body becomes dependent on life support systems. Her husband cannot make the decision to discontinue supportive measures until he learns that his wife managed to “contact” Dr. Turner, perhaps on the astral plane, using him as an agent to deliver her message, “I am just fine! Please let me go now. I am at peace.”

As Dr. Turner continues to seek connections to his theory, he allows the “plan” to direct him to the art of remote viewing, by which the human brain can learn to access the “collective unconscious” as described by psychologist Carl Jung and others. In doing so, Dr. Turner finally experiences a method to interact with the universal energy field.


Chapter 13: Remote Viewing

In Japan, Tuner first reads about the technique of remote viewing; six months later he begins a training program under the tutelage of Major Ed Dames and Ms. Joni Dourif. Now armed with the art of remote viewing as a resource, Dr. Turner will learn in the ensuing chapters that there is a plan written for every one of us, and our lives faithfully follow this plan stored securely in the universal energy field and with which we constantly interact.


Chapter 14: The Scripter

The past spiritual lessons combine to elevate Dr. Turner to a level of heightened spiritual awareness. He learns to deal with any situation, hardship or mistreatment because of his realization and acceptance that life unfolds according to a prewritten plan. He is prepared to establish a direct connection with the spiritual world of universal energy by means of remote viewing.


Chapter 15: Into the Light

Psychics agree that the “light at the end of the tunnel,” represents the “other side,” or the spiritual world which is not visible to us but coexists with the earthly plane on a higher vibrational level. The untimely death of a close friend of Dr. Turner’s leads to a remote viewing session in which he experiences a “telepathic contact” with his recently deceased friend, demonstrating that all of us can communicate, as do the psychics, with the spiritual world by the omniscient energy of the universe.

In the next chapter, Dr. Turner discusses consciousness, the seat of the soul and the search for the elusive “mind” within the brain. Evidence supports his theory that consciousness, memory and the soul reside within the universal energy field.


Chapter 16: Medical Remote Viewing – Medical Diagnosis

Dr. Turner presents a case which demonstrates how the esoteric technique of remote viewing can be used by anyone (even the patient) as a diagnostic aid. Dr. Turner presents an enigmatic case solved by remote viewing and allowing Dr. Turner to administer the proper surgical treatment. Major Ed Dames was the remote viewer for this session.



Dr. Turner summarizes MMM.


Appendic: The Mind

For readers who wish to read more on the brain and the mind, Dr. Turner discusses anatomical and physiological aspects of the body-mind-brain connection, the astral body and consciousness.




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Endorsements of Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations have been forthcoming from notable authors and medical practitioners. These include:

Rosemary Clark

“Dr. Turner’s thoughtful and timely insights on healing, recovery, and enlightenment are dispensed freely at his well-attended lectures on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Among the innumerable patients, families and friends who gratefully hear his encouraging words on these matters, most would be well-advised to read this book which recounts his medical journey to the miraculous.”
Ms. Clark’s amazing medical story is discussed in the book. She is the author of The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt and the subject of a chapter in this book titled, The Temple in Man.


Larry M. Dossey M.D.
“The practice of medicine has always been a spiritual path capable of leading one to a fuller awareness of the divine, majestic dimensions of reality. Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations describes neurosurgeon John Turner’s journey along this path. At a time when health care seems so chaotic and confused, it is a great gift to be reminded of this side of healing.”

Dr. Dossey is the widely published author of books on healing and integral medicine including Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, Healing Words, Space Time and Medicine, and Spiritual Healing. He was also a member of the first Advisory Board of the Department of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.


Bernie Siegel. M.D.
“I admire Dr. Turner for having the courage to share his life and truths with us. In my personal life, and as a practicing surgeon, I have had many similar experiences and know he speaks the truth. I truly recommend this book to every health professional and those willing to open their minds and accept the true nature of life. You will be touched by the stories he shares and, just as the author was open to new experiences, his book can help you to open your mind and become aware of new and exciting aspects of true healing and curing.”
Dr. Siegel is author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions For Living.


Robert F. Spetzler. M.D.
“Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations is a unique and fascinating story of a neurosurgeon’s search for spiritual meaning. Dr. Turner provides enough vignettes of his life’s path through school, residency, and the practice of neurosurgery that it is easy to identify with him and to appreciate the dedication he offers his patients. He has a solid background in physics, which eventually resulted in an overwhelming interest in metaphysics.

His neurosurgical sojourn began with his being the only neurosurgeon on the island of Hawaii where his first case challenged him due to the lack of equipment, including computer tomography. He learned about the Hawaiians’ spiritual beliefs from patients’ families. His continued interest in metaphysics led him to encounters that include seeking a path to enlightenment, Buddhism, and practicing lotus sutra, which finally led him to Johrei, a way to treat patients established by Mokichi Okada.

Dr. Turner uses his spiritual learning for the benefit of his patients. He movingly describes a patient who appeared beyond any realistic hope of recovery who makes a miraculous turnaround, which he attributed to Johrei.

The messages and meanings of Dr. Turner’s are tantalizing. Dr. Turner’s spiritual growth is well documented, and he clearly uses the strength of his spiritual growth on behalf of his patients. Although much of his metaphysical exploration is foreign to me, I am intrigued by his journey.”
N.B. Dr. Spetzler, featured in The Healing Blade by Edward J. Sylvester, is regarded as the top neurosurgeon in the United States and a physician of world renown. He is quoted in an article about life after death in the August 2003 Reader’s Digest. He is the chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, Barrow Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona. He has written an inspiring Foreword for the book.


W. Michael Vise. M.D.
“John Turner is a courageous neurosurgeon who pioneered neurosurgery on the big island of Hawaii. After obtaining a degree in engineering physics, he plunged headlong into a neurosurgery residency in an attempt to understand the biological substrate from which his passion for metaphysics arose. It is perhaps as fitting geographically as it is spiritually that his quest for the ultimate meaning of life to flourish on the Pacific boundary between East and West.

He unabashedly pursued a variety of religious disciplines in his spiritual evolution as he gained insight and ultimately inner peace. Dr. Turner is a maverick and explorer, who is as unafraid of the psychological perils of profound metaphysical inquiry as he is of the awesome responsibility of a demanding neurosurgical career.

His compassion and personal concern for his patients are as extraordinary as his stories of miraculous outcomes. As the neurosurgeon who introduced John to his first operation, I am fascinated with his colorful career and unceasing inquiry into what he considers the Universal Force.”
Dr. Vise is a practicing neurosurgeon and recipient of the Van Wagenen Fellowship awarded by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.


Mr. Robert Bruce
“A fascinating real-life voyage through medicine and beyond into the greater reality. Intensely human and readable. Full of hope and wonder. A truly heartwarming page turner”
Mr. Bruce is the (author of Astral Dynamics and Energy Work).


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