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Reviews of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations






A Doctor’s Journey through the Worlds of Divine Interventions, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy


John L. Turner, MD


MEDICINE, MIRACLES, AND MANIFESTATIONS is a non-fiction narrative about the surgical career and spiritual quest of neurosurgeon Dr. John L. Turner and his journey into the field of Integral Medicine.

During his career as a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Turner’s curiosity drove him to explore non-traditional healing techniques that broadened the scope of recovery for his patients, including energy healing, chanting and meditation (approaches historically found in religious practices), soul travel, and astral projection.


In this fascinating book, readers will discover:

  • How metaphysical events such as remote viewing, telepathy, consciousness, and life after death are all verifiable manifestations of the way the human brain interfaces with the universal consciousness.
  • That consciousness persists after the death of the physical body.
  • That our life is carefully planned before birth but there is an element of free will.
  • That we can interface with a spiritual world and a collective human unconscious.


Jesse Blount Jr., Literary Agent representing Dr. John L. Turner


Praise for Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations

Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations By John L. Turner M.D.

Sep 11, 2009


By Maren Springsteen

A True Pioneer’s Footsteps: After meeting Dr. Bernie Siegel few years ago, the equally mind-bending and eye-opening Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations immediately caught my eye. The cover alone is designed so very beautifully that everyone remarks on it at our coffee table, yet what a trip this gem’s content is! It said “A Doctor’s Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy” and stayed true to its promise throughout–a journey through several layers of different dimensions explored in such an open-minded and hearted manner that it blew me away!


After overcoming many obstacles in his life, Dr. Turner served for 18 years as the sole neurosurgeon on the island of Hawai’i, where a spiritual journey unlike many others started simultaneously with his daily work. Reading this fascinating book feels like receiving an intimate glimpse into a beautiful, warm-hearted, most generous soul’s initiation, one step at a time.

Whenever a particular event happened regarding his many patients and inner guidance prompted Dr. Turner to explore alternative healing modalities at the same time, the techniques given to the author built a solid foundation leading way beyond traditional medicine and the Newtonian linear paradigm. Unexplainable healings occurred as did seeming failures that often were blessings in disguise and only needed a different perspective, which was then flexibly adapted by the enormously open and way-ahead-of-his time doctor, a true pioneer in the best sense. Whenever one technique seemed the solution and was solidly implemented, upon completion, the next step was shown. Every healing modality was given plenty of time and studied in depth, with synchronicity showing up way beyond anything I’d ever read in any of Deepak Chopra’s books.

Throughout the book, one grows very fond of the warm and enthusiastic author, which in turn lets the reader share in Dr. Turner’s adventures and dramatic life challenges as if one was there right by his side throughout the whole journey–a friend sharing the enormous gifts given him that he used with care and discretion, always opening himself up to guidance and leaving room for miracles rather than only textbook medicine. By stepping outside common conditioning, he provided an extremely valuable roadmap for physicians worldwide. The newest, top-notch science is presented in an understandable format even for a medical novice, and Dr. Turner possesses that very rare gift of combining the seen with the unseen until only a fresh, pure taste of oneness remains.

What caught my attention right at the beginning was Dr. Turner’s dedication not only to his parents, but also President Barack Obama. When I quizzed him on this particularity, the very down-to-earth and honest doctor shared the following fascinating background: originally, he had wanted to make this book also somewhat about racial issues and polarities he personally experienced in that regard-in mainland U.S.A. versus the Islands of Hawai’i. Yet this humble soul kept ego out of the picture and his big “Aha” moment arrived right at the junction when President Obama won the Iowa caucus.

At this point, Dr. Turner stood at a crossroads, and once again, passed his initiation into the higher realms of consciousness by surrendering his original idea, literally tearing out the first two chapters of his book and aligning himself with our President’s high ideals; making this book about what is shared by us all, the author decided for spirituality as the thread running throughout the entire book rather than racial issues. He felt deeply that it would be a step back to focus on differences, as valid and beautiful as they are in their diversity, and rather turn forward towards common content that serves all of humanity.

With that one decision alone, this leader in his field, integrating cutting-edge medicine with ancient, proven alternative healing modalities, inspires the reader to follow his good example and retain an open mind at all times, focusing on healing rather than division, sharing and leading in the vision America–for the most part–so generously provided as its gift to the world.

This precious book didn’t end at the last page; a wealth of medical as well as fascinating cutting-edge spiritual resources are freely given by this beautiful soul on his helpful website www.johnlturner.com. And what a relief that this life-changing journey didn’t have to end at that last page, providing a smooth bridge further along the path, two particular gems will stay with me forever from Dr. Turner’s site: the principles of True and Total Forgiveness as well as Understanding and Practicing Unconditional Love as the cornerstone of this author’s life and gift to us all.

Dr. Turner is clearly living these principles, and the amazing synchronicities that accompany him unfailingly every single day converts one into a grateful fan of his website and teaching, looking forward to more from this advanced and most courageous soul. Thank you, Dr. Turner, for sharing your extraordinary life so very openly and honestly, always in a humble manner, paired with grace, humor, wise discernment and last but not least huge compassion!


John L. Turner, MD, served as the first neurosurgeon on the Big Island of Hawaii. He arrived with the desire to investigate the spiritual world and understand the meaning of life, death, and life-after-death. His metaphysical experiences began the first night he was on call and continue up to the present. Dr. Turner balances his time between stargazing from an observatory dome at his rain forest home and serving as a consulting physician for the Hilo Pain Center in Hilo, Hawaii.

Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy (Career Press/ Mar 2009)by John L. Turner, M.D.

The subtitle says it all: A doctors journey through the worlds of divine intervention, near-death experiences and universal energy. Dr. Turner is a renowned neurosurgeon who began having metaphysical experiences the first night he was €œon cal, which continue to this day.
The essence of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations is the real-life experiences of both doctor and patient that reveal the truth of the mind-body-spirit connection, and especially how consciousness œpersists after death. Turner writes in a clear, warm style, inviting the reader into his world with awe and insights.

There is emphasis on the emerging field of Cam, or Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as the author weaves in and out of the conventional and the mystical. There is also plenty of compelling dialogue throughout the book, in addition to the reassurances we all seek about life, purpose, and the hereafter.

We are ever so fortunate that compassionate, brave physicians like Turner endeavor to gradually open up the medical field to more humility and potential in its ability to heal.


–by John Clalbrese, Huntington, NY
CREATIONS Magazine ~August/September 2009



“In Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations, Hawaiian Neurosurgeon, Dr. John L. Turner shares with us not just the dramatic stories of his patients but also his inner personal spiritual reflections. He is fearless about sharing his own vulnerabilities as well as humbly exposing his moments of enlightenment. Dr. Turner has created a book which speaks volumes not just to healthcare professionals or patients but to everyone who must struggle with the existential issues of morality, religious belief, and spirituality. This is a book for anyone who wants to try and understand life s natural issues in the context of the supernatural.”

–Allan J. Hamilton, MD, author of The Scalpel and the Soul



Dr. Turner’s thoughtful and timely insights on healing, recovery, and enlightenment are dispensed freely at his well-attended lectures on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Among the innumerable patients, families and friends who gratefully hear his encouraging words on these matters, most would be well-advised to read this book which recounts his medical journey to the miraculous.


Rosemary Clark, author of The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt and The Sacred Magic Of Ancient Egypt.



I admire Dr. Turner for having the courage to share his life and truths with us. I truly recommend this book to every health professional and those willing to open their minds and accept the true nature of life. You will be touched by the stories he shares; his book can help you open your mind and become aware of new and exciting aspects of true healing and curing.

”Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions For Living



My friendship with Dr. John Turner over the past several years has been quite a journey. I first read the raw manuscript for Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations a few years ago, and have been telling its powerful real life stories at my lectures ever since. A great read. I particularly love the story of ‘Face’ which always brings a lump to my throat and a few tears to my eyes. The journey of ‘Face’ begins in violent sadness at the business end of a .45, moving from dark hopelessness into the realm of miracles, through brain splattered paper towels and gloves and on into the light of absolutely miraculous ‘no way!’ recovery. Everyone should read this book. Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations is nourishment for your soul. A fascinating real-life voyage through medicine and beyond into the greater reality. Intensely human and readable. Full of hope and wonder. A truly heartwarming page turner. Highly recommended!

“Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics and Energy Work”



“The ‘fantastic journey’of a neurological surgeon is chronicled in Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations. Dr. John Turner, trained in the ‘cut-’em-up’ ways of western surgery, finds new, spiritual paths to healing after re-establishing his practice in Hilo, Hawaii. His passion for metaphysics leads him along a path of alternative and complementary methods in treating the most serious of brain disorders. This is an interesting, even compelling narrative, both well written and nicely paced. The poignant story of Mrs. Alvarez in the chapter, ‘The Angel in the Light,’ moved this reader to tears. I highly recommend this ultimate ‘East meets West ‘saga.”

“Mike Sirota (San Diego, CA USA)”


“The practice of medicine has always been a spiritual path capable of leading one to a fuller awareness of the divine, majestic dimensions of reality. Medicine, Metaphysics and Miracles describes neurosurgeon John Turner’s journey along this path. At a time when health care seems so chaotic and confused, it is a great gift to be reminded of this side of healing.”

“Larry M. Dossey, M.D. –>”


Dr. Dossey is the widely published author of books on healing and integral medicine including Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, Healing Words, Space Time and Medicine, and Spiritual Healing. He was also a member of the first Advisory Board of the Department of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.



“I can say that I met Dr. Turner in 1987, after a very serious car accident in Hilo Hawaii. My impressions then were that he was a highly intuitive person, with a big soul of compassion, curiosity and mystery. When he wrote his book, I thought it would be interesting to read…and to my surprise, I learned of his accomplishments…he is also very humble. This book, Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations is a documentation of his particular journey of exploration into the realms of living, something that more and more of us are awakening to. It is a self-awareness journey we all will take, at some point in time. This is a book that grabs one, mentally and emotionally, and is difficult to put down! And this is a book to encourage others to travel the path of the heart, and discover the magic, power, and profoundness of our own lives.”

Stephanie Quinn (Wilmette, IL, USA)
A former patient.



“Dr. Turner bridges the chasms between the scientific, the spiritualistic, and the humanistic to share his keen insights about the journey of life and death from his own experiences and observations as a neurosurgeon and philosopher. His is a personal journey that has touched and been touched by the lives of others and has led to his own realizations about who and what we are, what we are doing here, how to reach our potentials, and where we are going. Prepare to be profoundly moved by his unique perspectives.”

“Kent Brooks, Columbus, Ohio”



“Dr. John Turner has done us all a service by examining the subtle forces behind healing, as seen from his perspective as a brain surgeon. This book opens up a wonderful new world of possibilities that go far beyond the traditional. There’s hope anew for those who are at the end of the conventional range of possibilities. I was really riveted…just couldn’t put this one down!”


“By LOVES TO READ, Oro Valley, AZ”



John Turner is a courageous neurosurgeon who pioneered neurosurgery on the big island of Hawaii. After obtaining a degree in engineering physics, he plunged headlong into a neurosurgery residency in an attempt to understand the biological substrate from which his passion for metaphysics arose. It is perhaps as fitting geographically as it is spiritually that his quest for the ultimate meaning of life to flourish on the Pacific boundary between East and West.
He unabashedly pursued a variety of religious disciplines in his spiritual evolution as he gained insight and ultimately inner peace. Dr. Turner is a maverick and explorer, who is as unafraid of the psychological perils of profound metaphysical inquiry as he is of the awesome responsibility of a demanding neurosurgical career.

His compassion and personal concern for his patients are as extraordinary as his stories of miraculous outcomes. As the neurosurgeon who introduced John to his first operation, I am fascinated with his colorful career and unceasing inquiry into what he considers the Universal Force.

“W.Michael Vise, M.D.”


Dr. Vise is a practicing neurosurgeon and recipient of the Van Wagenen Fellowship awarded by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

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