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The Spiritual World

Does a neurosurgeon need a certain spiritual awareness?

Question from Takechan




If you are asking if it takes abilities and talents that others may not have, I would say no. I feel it is a matter of “elbow grease” or, as my mother would say, “sticktoitivness.”


However, Takechan, I sense a deeper meaning behind your question. I would venture a guess that you have thought about medical school and even considered neurosurgery training. Assuming that I am correct, I will give you my thoughts on what it takes to be a brain surgeon.


When we dream, do we visit the spiritual world?

We are more than just physical bodies. I’m sure you remember this statement by Robert Monroe. It has been said throughout history that our dreams our glimpses into our future or better yet, answers to questions that we have not yet learned how to ask.


But could it be that dreams are entertainment for us during sleep while the brain directs restorative processes and prepares us for another day?


Let me begin by describing the technique of lucid dreaming and eventually, OBE (out of the body experiences).


This may be a review for most readers, but I want to begin by reviewing the stages of sleep and why we sleep before answering the question of a spiritual world.

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