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Brainsounds Of the Pacific is a two-part audio program designed to promote relaxation. It is best appreciated using headphones as it contains barely-liminal audio signals for neural detection (BLAND) and may be missed when using stereo speakers. The bland audio signals are presented as frequency shifted signals (FFS) to the ears. This combination is felt by some to produce synchronization of the brain’s hemispheres.
Brainsounds Of the Pacific has been used over the past twenty years with patients and students (psychology course at the University of Utah). The response to users of these audio programs has been uniformly positive.





Visualization consists of a guided meditation through the rainforests and valleys of Hawaii with waterfalls, beautiful serene beaches and rainbows. It will promote both relaxation and sleep.





Relaxation is a program of guided muscle tension/relaxation exercises to allow you to learn how to reduce tension and fatigue. It will require practice. Both programs should be used on a daily basis to engage the relaxation response.

The programs were created by Dr. John Turner and clinical psychologist Dr. Thomas Bearden their Hawai’i studio. The downloads are free. Please enjoy them… and learn to sleep deeply… and relax.

Sample both programs here:

Brainsounds Master – Visualization


Brainsounds Master – Relaxation




FREE downloads available to registered users. Please register, log in, and click “Downloads” that will appear in the links to the left of the page. Open the “Brainsounds” folder. You will have your choice to download 128 kbps or 192 kbps files.

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