The Copper Room

A truly fascinating phenomenon

From an Introduction to the Mahatma Letters by A. T. Barker

“It is well known, among students of Theosophy and Occultism, that the philosophical doctrines and ethics which were given to the world through the Theosophical Society during the 16 years immediately following its foundation in 1875, emanated from certain Eastern Teachers said to belong to an Occult Brotherhood living in the trans-Himalayan fastnesses of Tibet. H. P. Blavatsky who, together with Colonel Olcott founded the Theosophical Society, acknowledged these Eastern Brothers as her Teachers, stating not only that they existed, but that she herself had received training and instruction at their hands during her sojourn in Tibet, and was therefore able to speak from her own knowledge and personal experience.

It was not until 1880 that further testimony became available. In that year the late A. P. Sinnett, then living in India, was enabled through the agency of Madame Blavatsky, to enter into correspondence with her own Teachers, whom she referred to variously under the terms, “The Brothers,” “The Mahatmas,” and later “The Masters of Wisdom.”

During the course of this correspondence which extended over the years 1880 to 1884 Mr. Sinnett received many letters from The Mahatmas M. and K.H., the Teachers in question, and it is these original communications which are published in the present volume under the title of “The Mahatma Letters.” The circumstances attending their receipt were fully dealt with by Mr. Sinnett in his “Occult World” and they need not therefore be restated here.”

More to come on how this relates to The Copper Wall Experiments of Dr. Elmer Green.

What is a psychomanteum? Dr. Raymond Moody’s excellent book is a starting point. In this work, Dr. Moody reviews the history of the psychomanteum, mirror gazing and  his recent experiments at his Theater of the Mind with the psychomanteum chamber:

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5 Responses to The Copper Room

  1. Dear Dr. Turner,
    what a fantastic blog-pure and elegant, beautifully designed and I very much enjoyed your eloquent post-a fascinating topic reminiscent of Old Egypt’s Mystery schools!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us all,
    warm cheers,

  2. admin says:

    Dear Maren!
    Thank you for your kind words. I am going beyond Greece, to the Egyptian mirror gazing and perhaps back to Lemuria (Mu). It is the work of Dr. Moody and Dr. Green who have inspired me to investigate this method of contact with the afterlife, along with continued encouragement from friend Dr. Eldon Taylor as he reminds me to utilize due diligence and full commitment to researching the persistence of consciousness after the death of the physical body and that there is indeed an “afterlife.”

  3. Mihai says:

    “Many Lives, Many Masters” – Author and physician Brian Weiss

    Who first delved into the realm of
    past-life therapy in his highly successful and controversial book Many Lives, Many Masters.
    Although he has since developed a huge following in the field of
    “regression therapy” (in which clients are hypnotized in order to
    access previous lifetimes), Weiss has focused this latest book on the
    here and now.

  4. admin says:

    Yes, important work by Dr. Weiss and others, but the Copper mirror gazing, as you will see, is quite different.
    This is to contact those on the other side of the veil. Please stay tuned, I will expound more on this later.
    Thank you for your comment

  5. Jason says:

    Presume you are aware of Ingo Swann’s work in the Copper Room?

    See this book if not.

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