47 Billion Years ago!

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Timing and MMM

This short video will introduce Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations.

Quick link to book site: MMM


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The Ripple Effect – Kristen White TV



Kristin and Jack 

Timing is Everything


I am pleased to have been selected to participate on The Ripple Effect by Kristen White. The episode will air on December 23, 2012, ABC. As it turned out, I prepared for this event three years ago when my book Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations was released by Career Press/New Page Books. However, the time was not quite ready for more information on NDEs, OBEs and the Afterlife.

As time passed, we inexorably headed to the singular date of 12/21/12, a day that marks the recognition of awakening on planet Earth.


In recent months, TIME and NEWSWEEK featured articles on Hell and Heaven which have aided our collective awakening to the abundance of irrefutable scientific evidence which backs up the thousands upon thousands of anecdotal evidence which shows that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. One by one, we are coming to the realization that we are indeed all ONE and we MUST respect everything and everyone as we all journey along the path that we know as life. Just as mindfulness training and meditation guide us toward compassion, the Near-Death Experiences (NDE) allow us to examine reports of how they generate compassion and universal love. When the anterior insular and anterior cingulated cortices of the brain are activated by observing others’ suffering, and their pain, we are stirred to the ability to share another’s state and we become empathetic with that individual. We become able to truly give love. We also learn that we have developed compassion of self.


The ripple effect will begin at the Winter Solstice. My deepest wish is that it will engulf you, spread beyond you, and that the end result be that we can finally love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Kindly visit www.KristenWhiteTV.com and spread the ripple effect.


John L. Turner, M.D.

Author of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Though the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences, and Universal Energy


















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John Of God

I met a man, quiet and unassuming, who responded to my question, “Are you an educator of some sort?”

“Well, (blushing a little), I have published 27 books.”

Later, this gentleman, Mr. Harvey Martin, dropped one of his books off at my front office:

The Secret Teachings of the Espiritistas

The Secret Teachings

Before I could get to the book, well down in my “to read” list, I was able to realize my 3-year long dream of meeting John Of God in the casa, in Brazil.

John Of God


As a result, I now understand what Mr. Martin means when in his book he states:

“Initially, I wanted to write this book to tell the other side of a story that has been monopolized by people who have not hesitated to slander and destroy good people who lack the ability to defend themselves. As my knowledge grew, however, I learned that the Filipinos believed that Divine spiritual forces were using the Spiritist community to deliver a message to the people of earth. According to them, psychic surgery was merely a ploy used by the Blessed Spirit to get our attention. The true mystery of psychic surgery lies in the message the Blessed Spirit is using healing miracles to deliver. The core of the message is that a transcendent intradimensional being has entered the material world to help us take the next step in our destiny as human beings. This wonderful, elevated spiritual being wants to heal us. Its calling cards are miracles.”


I was able to see this “holy spirit” at work with thousands of intradimensional spirits in Abadiania, Brazil!

I will discuss my November 2011 visit to Brazil on Sunday January 8th at 1 PM EST

ISIS Paranormal

If you have an interest in miracles, please join us!


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Keep Japan in mind. Will travel to Japan be wise in the decade to come?

Prayers, positive thoughts and intent are needed for some time to come. As many of you know, there is the suggestion of a great rumbling to follow the aftermath.

This image is indeed troublesome. What has happened in Japan will happen in California.


I thought it wise post this follow up to the situation in Japan. I have tickets to travel there in July. Just after the purchase, the Fukushima situation was upgraded to 7, putting it on par with Chernobyl as a great nuclear disaster requiring extraordinary measures and efforts. At that point I began to question the reason to make a visit to Tokyo. Then, when I posted the map showing the multiplicity of earthquakes, it was intuitively obvious that this was the precursor of more to come. This article from the Washington Post, seems to clearly indicate that most experts fear that Japan, sitting on the intersection of three tectonic plates, is in a position to be shaken apart. I suggest that if you are interested, you take time to read this article. Continue reading

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A Positive Note


Best smile

I received information about something very important. It came from friends at NHNE (New Heaven New Earth) and I simply could not let it sit without sharing:

The Power Of Smiling

Posted: 07 Apr 2011 01:07 PM PDT

“Smiling stimulates our brain’s reward mechanisms in a way that even chocolate, a well-regarded pleasure-inducer, cannot match. In a study conducted in the UK (using an electromagnetic brain scan machine and heart-rate monitor to create “mood-boosting values” for various stimuli), British researchers found that one smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars. Continue reading

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“Something unknown, is doing something . . we don’t know what.”


“Something unknown, is doing something . . we don’t know what.”
~Sir Arthur Eddington

Unfortunately, we do know where. Now all other reactors are reacting to protect, in the best possible way. But what may really be down the line for all concerned?

If you click this map, details will be shown about what happened and brief you for the video:



An interesting video explanation of what has happened in Fukushima~

10 minute video instruction

For ongoing updates, kindly look  here.

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Triple blow dealt to Japan


I have a direct line to Japan as my in-laws live in Tokyo. The quakes that began to strike in great number after the 8.9 can be seen here.

Every video second represents an hour of time in Japan.

After a few handfuls of scattered introductory quakes, at 1:19 , you will see the big one strike. Then, it appears as shotgun blasts, peppering Japan with quakes. My father-in-law, after sustaining hourly quakes, began to wonder who was really shaking, his house, himself or both?


To hear more of my thoughts on Japan, please check this: Kim McMillion’s Arts in the Valley Radio to hear my discussion with Kim and how to donate to help our friends in Japan.

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unconditional love saving humanity

It was a man named Ernie Morgan from Road Island who suggested this movie, The Box, based upon a 1970 short story by Richard Matheson called Button Button.

I took his suggestion.

After a study of the movie, two things are clear:


1.) Richard Matheson (writer) with Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, smashed cats again with the story that prompted The Box.

2.) However, even more impressive was the concluding minute in the book Ghosts Among Us, by James Van Praagh.

After reading the paragraph below, the last 1:09 of Ghosts Among Us, you will know what to do!

“Only when we can celebrate our diversity, and love one another unconditionally, will there be true peace on this planet. Because we have not learned love yet, we still kill our own species, this puts planet Earth very low on the spiritual evolutionary scale. Each one of us can only do the best we can in our own lives to demonstrate love whenever possible. If enough of us send out love, the energy will permeate the ignorance and darkness of those beings lost in their limited mind sets. Even in that darkness, however, the energy of love will find them. Perhaps the living can learn from the dead and realize that the divine ingredient in love can free us all from the darkness. Then, we can enter a new beginning of understanding in a physical world, illuminated by a heavenly light.”

– From “Ghosts Among Us”, by James Van Praagh
Have a nice day!

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Why is the sky vanilla, and how are NDEs and love connected?


A very interesting thing happened recently and you may, if you have an interest in life, death, NDE, lucid dreams, . . . you may want to do an experiment similar to my experience with two exceptional movies that have profound teachings. If you thought the movie Inception was multi-layered and deep, then this will interest you. If so, please watch this introductory adult rap video, then continue reading. Gary Lyon said that on the East coast, everybody is watching this one. The time has come.

Continue reading

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